How to play split screen on fortnite xbox

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Culture Gaming Fortnite split-screen: how to play the new PS4 and Xbox multiplayer mode for Duos and Squads games One of the biggest new features in v11.30 is the ability to play Fortnite in split ... Epic Games enabled split-screen capability in Fortnite Battle Royale following the major v11.30 update, allowing players to jump on the game together on the same system and screen. The December 12 ... hi, I have checked the other threads but nobody answer it clearly...I have 2 kids, 10 and 8, we have one fortnite account working pretty well, but now the 2nd kid want have his own account. I created Fortnite 2 accounts on same Xbox One Dec 13, 2019 ยท As of right now, Fortnite's split-screen feature is only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is also a second caveat and it makes a lot of sense. Players can only initiate split-screen in Duos or Squads, as allowing the use of the new feature in Solos would cause far too many problems.